Activities at Camp Arrowhead

Activities at Camp Arrowhead are designed to revitalize the link between boys and nature while providing tools and knowledge for growth. Campers are encouraged to try new things and challenged to build their skills alongside friends and brothers. Some of our activities happen everyday and boys can work through a progression of skills that build confidence and leadership as they practice and participate year after year. Other activities are special occurrences where campers can jump into something different and exciting for the afternoon. Boys also get to take part in out-trip adventures to explore the beautiful natural areas that surround us here in the mountains. Whether a camper is diligently practicing his woodworking skills, recognizing constellations for the first time, or camping out in Pisgah National Forest, he’s strengthening his connection to the outdoors, the camp community, and himself.

Camp Arrowhead offers a unique system of interwoven progressions. Much like life outside of camp, success in one activity requires skills and knowledge gained from others. In addition to benefiting from common skills shared from one activity to another, some progressions build intentionally across disciplines. Imagine making a stone arrowhead during Flint Knapping, mounting it to a shaft in Woodworking, and fletching it at Indian Lore before shooting it on the Archery range! These opportunities allow campers the rewards of their dedication as they get the most out of their camp experience.

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In-Camp Activities

Out of Camp Adventures


Special Activities