Wake Up Bell


1st Choice Block




2nd Choice Block


Breakfast & Morning Assembly


Free Swim & Free Time


1st Activity

9:30– 10:30



2nd Activity

10:40– 11:40

Evening Program


3rd Activity

11:50– 12:50

Call to Quarters




Cabin Time


Rest Hour


Lights Out


A Day at Camp

This schedule is a good look at what a typical day looks like for a camper if they’re not out on a trip. After getting ready for the day with their cabin mates, everybody heads to the field for some reflection time. Breakfast is served family style in the dining hall and followed by silly skits and songs for Morning Assembly. Boys get to choose three activities to participate in every morning and can change as often as they like to try new things or hone in on their favorites. After Morning Activities comes a chance to refuel and connect at lunch. Rest Hour allows some downtime in the fun-filled camp day. Afternoons are for Special Choice Blocks – these are a little different every day, catering to our campers’ interests and desires and might include learning a new game, working on activity progressions, or preparing for an upcoming trip or event. Next is Free Swim and Free Time where boys can enjoy the lake, explore and roam, and spend time with their friends. Everyone catches up over dinner back in the Dining Hall and gets ready for Evening Program – a daily special event or game that involves everyone at camp. Before you know it, the bell is ringing and boys are back in their cabins to chat about their days, get ready for bed, and dream of their next adventures.



Weekends at Camp Arrowhead provide unique opportunities to campers that don’t normally happen during the normal weekly schedule.


While Saturdays at Arrowhead begin with the same delicious breakfast and fun at morning assembly, the rest of the day is dedicated to Arrowhead Adventures. A theme for the day inspires counselor-led special sign up activities, as well as the all camp game after lunch. After such a fun day, campers are able to spend time relaxing and bonding with their cabins with a cookout dinner.


Sunday begins differently than other days, with a relaxed buffet breakfast before a dedicated cabin clean up. From here, we begin the first part of our Sunday Service. Campers and counselors attend a non-denominational church service unless they go to mass in town. Campers and counselors work together to present songs, skits, and short devotionals.

After church, the Camp Arrowhead community will participate in the second part of Sunday Service. Cabins will work together to complete small service projects. These may include cleaning up an activity area, learning and performing basic maintenance on camp vehicles, and doing upkeep in common areas. Rather than being treated as ‘just another chore’, this will be the time campers will develop more ownership in the physical well-being of our camp.

The rest of the day includes special sign-ups, a brick oven pizza dinner, and an evening campfire.