Being a Counselor 

Are you interested in a summer job that you will remember forever? Working at Camp Arrowhead is one of the most fulfilling ways you could spend ten weeks this year – you’ll change lives, learn new things, and leave with some great stories.

Be a mentor

As a camp counselor, you will live, eat, play, explore, learn, and grow with the boys at Camp Arrowhead. You have the chance to not only teach them activities that you love but to demonstrate what it looks like to look out for others, to follow through with responsibilities, to communicate positively, and to try new things. You get to be a role model to a whole group of campers while playing games, telling stories, and living life at camp.

Join a Community

Living and working with the same group of people can be a powerful experience. We work together and play together. We challenge each other and encourage each other. We laugh a lot and make sure everything gets done. Joining this group of people with a common goal and then sharing the experience of an intense ten weeks of adventures will give you a new perspective on what community can be.

Build your resume

Working at summer camp will give you the skills that your future employers are looking for. Working collaboratively with a short deadline, large and small group communication, managing the details of many projects at once, and creative implementation of your own ideas are only a few things you’ll be able to add to your resume at the end of the summer. These types of skills and experiences are highly valued in any field you choose in the future, and at Arrowhead you’ll be supported in developing and using them.


What is a typical day like at Camp Arrowhead?

Is that a trick question? Every day at Arrowhead is a little different, and as a staff member, you’ll need to be flexible and ready to jump into different roles.

The day will begin with waking up your cabin and making sure everyone is ready for their activities and trips. You might lead a reflection for the camp, telling that story of when you accomplished something you thought you couldn’t, before everyone heads into the Dining Hall for breakfast. Sitting with your campers, you discuss favorite pancake toppings and send them on their way.

The next few hours you’re probably teaching an activity to a few groups of boys – are you an avid fisherman? Skilled craftsman? Lover of sports? You get to share your skills and knowledge with boys who are eager to learn what you have to teach.

After lunch and rest hour come special choice activities – you get to decide what you want to teach! These change all the time. Maybe you’re working with some boys who want to level up in their archery progression, maybe you’re leading a hike to the waterfall, or maybe you’re part of a secret mission to find a forgotten talisman.

Free swim and free play allow you to hang out with campers in a more relaxed setting and is a good way to unwind a bit before dinner where you catch up with the boys on what they did during the day.

Evening Program is the highlight of many people’s day and is usually a large group activity like capture the flag or a movie night. You’ll be involved with running some of these activities, but not every night – you get to play too!

The day ends back in your cabin as everyone gets ready for bed, plays a game, and reflects on the day.


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