Welcome home!

At Camp Arrowhead, boys live in simple cabins with 5-7 other campers of similar age and 1-2 counselors. Our wooden cabins have screen windows, small porches, and bunk beds. Each cabin also has electricity and running hot and cold water in a private bathroom with its own shower. Next to each bed is a set of cubbies where campers can store their things.

Most of the cabins are situated close together on the main lawn, creating the sense of a large group community that extends past their tight-knit cabin friendships. The oldest boys live nearby, just up the hill from the dining hall.

Sharing a cabin with a group of other boys is a valuable opportunity to learn and practice important real-life skills like communication, empathy, and conflict resolution. Having an older counselor and role model around ensures a safe and positive environment. It also provides someone that can coach campers in the practical, day-to-day challenges like deciding what activities to do, or how to best keep track of their belongings.

Each cabin group not only lives together but shares breakfast and dinner too. Every week includes some time for cabins to do something unique of their choosing, maybe something goofy or something special or something adventurous! The small groups allow for collaboration and individualization of each boy’s experience as they bond even more.