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  Welcome to Camp Arrowhead 

Due to the enormous outcry to save Camp Arrowhead from closing, click below to join the facebook has been started to 'Save Camp Arrowhead'

'Save Camp Arrowhead' facebook link or visit the website and view the fabulous video created by alumnae Holly Recinos.

Camp Arrowhead was a private girls traditional summer camp established in 1934 by Ewing & Martha "Mattie Garner" Gillis.  A tradition that was ran by three generations of the Gillis family.  It is located on 650 beautiful Texas Hill Country acres in Hunt, TX.  It boasts wonderful carpet grass under huge cypress trees along the clear headwaters of the Guadalupe River.

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we have to inform you that Camp Arrowhead is being forced to close. Rob Bartell (current owner/director) has two siblings (Mark Bartell & Kathy Bartell Martin) who own 1/3 each of the land that Camp Arrowhead operates on. Mark & Kathy do not share our love for Camp Arrowhead or the traditions that were established by their grandparents Ewing & Martha Gillis in 1934. They only want money. They don’t understand about how many young girls’ lives we have changed and the friendships that have been formed, while becoming part of the Camp Arrowhead family. Greed does horrible things to people. We have been trying for a year and half to find someone to buy the siblings portion of the land and still be able to run the camp. Unfortunately, we have not been successful. The siblings lawyers* will not allow us any more time and are forcing us to put the camp for sale on the world wide market. We are just so sick about this, that we feel it physically. At this point, the only thing that would save us would be a miracle.

This is the hardest thing we have ever had to do. During these past few weeks, we have been trying to stay positive and remember all the good times that helped define Camp Arrowhead. There are so many memories that we will cherish forever. Who can forget ‘Mommy Hugs’ every night before lights out? Hats off to Audrey who put a new spin on ‘Mommy Hugs’, by running the length of the cabin and running and jumping into my arms for her hug. It killed my back, but something I looked forward to every night. How come every game of Gold Rush turned into a mud party? I will never forget the look in the camper’s eyes when they try something they never though they would do … like the ‘Screamer’. Do you remember the anticipation of drawing for your tribe … Kickapoo or Pawnee? Cabin Nights were definitely the best! These memories and so many more will always hold a special place our hearts.   We offered so many activities that help build these young girls' confidence, such as; archery, arts & crafts, camp craft, canoeing, cheerleading, drama, gymnastics, hiking, horseback riding, riflery, ropes course, self-defense, sports, tennis, swimming and more.

Our hats are off and huge round of applause goes out to the staff of the Camp Arrowhead family. Who has more patience and makes the ropes course more exciting than Mr. Stephen? Who makes shooting .22 rifles more thrilling than Mr. Bill? Who is a warmer & fuzzier nurse than Ms. Julie? She was also the unofficial camp psychiatrist whose door was always open. We can’t say enough about the counselors … without them, none of this was possible. There are so many more that shared their love for Camp Arrowhead and made it a place that girls wanted to come back to summer after summer. Ewing & Martha Gillis would have been so proud.

We will continue the website in memory of all the friendships that were formed and all the happiness that was shared. I want campers and parents to send in pictures from their memories of Camp Arrowhead and let me put them on the website for everyone to enjoy.

Our hearts are breaking in a million pieces and many tears have been shed. We appreciate all the support that everyone has given us through the years and would do anything if we could change this.

The heart-felt support we have been receiving has been overwhelming and touching ... maybe miracles do happen.

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Rob & Kelli Bartell's lawyer:

Richard Mosty of Mosty Law Firm, 222 Sidney Baker So., Suite #400, Kerrville, TX 78028, (830)792-7711

* Kathy Martin Bartell's lawyers:

   - Lewin Plunkett & William E. Leighner of Plunkett & Gibson, Inc. 70 N.E. Loop 410, Suite #1100, San Antonio, TX 78216, (210)734-7092

   - Mark Stanton Smith of Heard & Smith, L.L.P.  3737 Broadway, Suite #310, San Antonio, TX 78209, (210)820-3737

* Mark Bartell's lawyers:

   - Gail Borden Tennant, Jr., P.O. Box 5, Karnes City, TX 78118, (830)780-2378

   - E.G. 'Sandy' Hall, P.O. Box 275, Port Isabel, TX 78578, (956)943-1944