About Us


Max & Alli King


Max and Alli King are Falling Creek alumni who are no strangers to summer camp. Together, they have a long history of being involved in the camp community and are excited to bring their talents, along with a stellar team of camp professionals, to relaunch and revive Camp Arrowhead.

Summer camp has been a part of Max’s life since he was young. After attending Falling Creek Camp as a kid for 9 summers, he went on to be a staff member for 5 additional summers. Most importantly, he met his wife, Alli, while working at Falling Creek in 2010. Their mutual camp leadership roles in 2012 strengthened their relationship in countless ways which ultimately led to an at-camp marriage proposal. Camp has played a leading role in making Max the man he is today. It helped him grow, learn, lead, and love.

After graduating from Appalachian State, Max moved to Charleston, SC where he began investing in and managing rental properties in the heart of the Historic Downtown Area.

Alli also has fond memories of attending Tri-State Christian Service Camp in Strasburg, Virginia. Having grown up on a small farm, she knows how important allowing children to just 'be' outside is. This view was further cemented during her three summers working at Falling Creek. She graduated from the University of Virginia and is currently in her sixth year teaching elementary school. Alli has dedicated her life to education. Being able to provide an environment where children are able to grow and learn in God's creation is a dream come true. 

Max and Alli’s lives changed in 2017 when Elizabeth Grace, their first child, was born. Thinking about her future, they both envisioned one in which she has the freedom to explore nature. As they make this huge step for their small family, they are blessed to have guidance from their loved ones. 

In addition to their family, Alli and Max are fortunate to have strong relationships with several other people that will share in their vision, and will embark on this new camp adventure with them. Their team’s focus on conservation, education, and outdoor recreation will ultimately be integral to Arrowhead’s Mission.


Tommy Carrrol

Co-Owner/Director: Tommy Carroll is excited to be a co-owner of Camp Arrowhead. He graduated from Towson University with a bachelors degrees in political science and jewelry. Tommy is a blacksmith and bone carver by trade and owns his own company called Mountain Rain Studio.  His artwork has been published in three different knife magazines. Tommy's camp experience consists of 8 years working at Falling Creek Camp where he ran the blacksmith shop. He and Max spent 2012 as tribal leaders where the dream of running a summer camp began. 


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